A&G Realty has both the capital to acquire and ability to optimize asset performance. We engage in a variety of acquisition strategies, including purchasing real estate and mortgages. We provide mortgages, equity and "rescue" capital and participate in joint ventures. By doing so, we create the most value from any asset including distressed or underperforming assets by combining the deployment of capital with our restructuring expertise. Typical situations include resolvable problems or issues, valuable assets currently underwater, and borrowers under stress. Other cases include loan-to-own, REO, and large portfolios where troubled assets are dragging down a sale or purchase opportunity.

A&G Realty:

  • Purchases real estate assets and mortgages valued between $2 million and $15 million. Asset classes include retail, restaurant, warehouse, office and industrial
  • Looks for leveraged 20% plus I.R.R.
  • Holds the majority of our assets as long-term investments

Ways we use capital:

  • Enter joint ventures with local developers
  • Provide rescue capital to developers/owners who are overleveraged or are having refinancing difficulties
  • Purchase or co-invest in mortgages with a focus on improving performance of more challenged parts of a portfolio