A&G Realty provides high-level problem solving, guidance and strategy to retail, restaurant, and supermarket chains. Whether a client is expanding or contracting locations, A&G will advise on, develop, and execute the most advantageous real estate strategy. For more than two decades, A&G Realty has provided quantitative research, best practices, and our unique combination of knowledge and intuition to solving the most challenging real estate issues facing today’s retailers.

Whether for retailers, owners, hedge funds or private equity, we:

  • Conduct strategic portfolio reviews including valuation, due diligence, benchmarking growth and disposition strategies
  • Handle the sale and disposition of retail real estate
  • Restructure leases and secure rent concessions
  • Terminate leases and sublease spaces
  • Specialize in out-of-court and capital-driven deals
  • Create compensation structures that align with everyone's interests
  • Manage inventory and fixed asset dispositions
  • Optimize liquidity to ensure optimal asset performance
  • Provide short term bridge facility to enable a purchase or sale
  • Purchase or invest in non-core divisions of companies to allow for an orderly wind-down
  • Buy non-core assets as part of 3rd party acquisition or divestiture
  • Buy assets to hold or flip